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April 13, 1911

Mr. D. Curran returned from the coast on Monday, and informed us that work will be started at Mitford Coal mine tomorrow.  At first only 10 or 15 men will be required, the first business being to sink a slope of about 600 feet.  J.D. Curran will boss the job.


Agricultural Society

At the director's meeting held last Saturday, Frank Ricks was elected as Director in the place of Frank King.  The Swine department of the Exhibition will be in charge of John Cook.  It was announced that the Village Council would put up prizes of $7.00, $5.00, and $3.00 for a tree-planting competition.  The planting must take place this year and be within the village limits.

     The score card assigns 50 points as the best possible, divided under the following heads: -

          Evidence of Good Culture                                    10 points

          Shape and Condition                                           10 points

          Colour                                                                  10 points

          Variety                                                                 10 points

          Size                                                                      10 points

     It is hoped that with this competition in view residents in the village may be stimulated to try and beautify their lots and so make the village more attractive in appearance, "a consommation devoutly to be wished".





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