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April 20, 1911

Quite a bit of snow occured in the early morning of Monday, amounting to about two inches, but is entirely disappeared by noon under the persuasion of a bright hot sun.

Pete Collins expects to start work at his brickyard in the first week of May.  Some 30 men will form his force, and most of these are already engaged.  The output of brick will be 25,000 per working day, and these can be easily disposed of in advance of their manufacture.

Polo Club

A meeting of the club and those interested in its welfare was held at the Murphy House after the Stallion Show on Saturday last, there being present O.A. Critchley, A. McPherson, E.H. Abell, J. Clemens, D. Kerfoot, A. Kerfoot, O. Johnson, W. Johnson, E. Townend, V. Phipps, D.P. McDonald, C.R. De la Vergne, W. Hutchinson, J.O. Tweed, Gordon Hinds, J.G. Creighton and several others.

     Mr. Critchley was unanimously elected captain, and after acknowledging the compliment, proceeded to make this inaugural address, in which he dealt plainly with the difficulties of running a club in a district like ours unless the definite support of a sufficient number of playing members is guaranteed to secure two full sides for practice games, and the certainty of a respectable team for such matches as may be arranged with other clubs.  Mr. Critchley therefore aksed for ten or twelve men who would fulfil these conditions, and readily obtained them, sixteen men putting down their names, of whom twelve are certainly likely to be regular players.

     After some discussion a commitee was appointed to select a suitable ground, the chances being that the old ground on the south trail between town and the river will be used, at least for the present.

     On the question of annual subscription, Mr. Critchley was in favor of such a figure as would cover expenses and leave a reserve for contingencies, say $10.00, but some thought this too high and $5.00 was eventually decided upon.  The Secretary, E.H. Abell, collected quite a number of subscriptions before the meeting closed.

     The permanent committee wll consist of O.A. Critchley, captain, A. McPherson, J.G. Tweed, C.R. De la Vergne, W. Johnson and D. Kerfoot.

     Hurlingham rules are to be strictly followed, including the new departure of "no offside".  Ponies must not exceed 14.3 in height, and stock saddles are barred.  The club's season is to commence on Saturday, 6th. May.

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