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April 6, 1911

After the mild weather we have had lately, the cold snap of Tuesday morning was a sharp reminder that winter is not yet past.  At midnight of Monday the glass was down to 16 below zero and we are credibly informed that the drop reached 35 below during the early morning of Tuesday.


The heavy snowfall has hit the men working at D. Shelley's quarry pretty hard, the whole staff of about 20 men having been laid off for a week past with no immediate prospect of work.  This stoppage coming on top of many weeks of short time during the past winter, is very discouraging to the men.


Bob McLeaod is busy working at the French brick yard on their enlarged and improved plant.  Their output this season is estimated at 22,000 bricks per day, and the company has a market in Calgary for their whole product.  Gabriel Bruel is not a very conspicuous character, but he is a factor in the activities and prosperity of Cochrane.


The unusually heavy fall of snow during the past week has come as a blessing to the farmer but is much the reverse to the cattle men, thus exemplifying the adage that "What is one man's meat is another man's poison".  While the man who has a crop of fall wheat in the ground congratulates himself upon the heavy blanket of snow that covers it against such frosts as that of Monday night last, the rancher whose hopes of his cattle getting well through the winter, despite the shortage of hay last fall, had almost been realised now sees them dying by scores of hundreds and in many cases without hope of saving them, owing to their inability to penetrate the deep crusted snow to enable them to reach the scanty bite below.

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