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August 3, 1911

     Owing to temporary cessation of work at the Shelley Quarry, T. McKenzie, R. McCallum, H. Derby and G. Ferrier, stonecutters, left here yesterday to work at the Glenbow quarries.

     The continuation of dull, rainy weather is beginning to look serious in regard to the crops.  Many hundred tons of hay must have been utterly spoiled during the past two weeks, and a period of dry, sunny weather is urgently required now for the ripening of grains.

     Several readers of the Advocate have shown us letters from the Old Country, received within the past week expressing great anxiety with regard to the bush fires which are supposed to have devastated Cochrane.  Naturally, the writers suppose this to be our Cochrane, the only Cochrane in Canada worth consideration.  For the information of our many friends "at home" we are glad to say that the settlement of the same name, away in the back woods of Northern Ontario, is several thousand miles away from us, and that we are in no danger of being set on fire by the other Cochrane's sparks.......


     It is hoped that the weather will allow of play on Saturday, and that there will be a full turn out of members of the club.  We learn that an effort may be made to get up a tournament to be played here in the first two days of our Show Week, the finals to be brought off on the first or second day of the show.  Clubs likely to be asked to compete would probably be Calgary, Millarville, Fish Creek, and High River.  Such a tournament would be a great attraction to the residents of our own district visiting the Fair, and would certainly bring a large number of visitors from Calgary and the homes of the visiting clubs.    


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