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December 14, 1911

The Cochrane Hotel

     The alteration and improvements the Cochrane Hotel has undergone since Mr. C. Ehling has taken over this hostelry have been simply marvellous, a complete transformation from basement to attic.  Every room has undergone a vigorous spring clean, the floors stained a nice cosy dark oak, with the ceilings of a lighter colour.  The smoking room now possesses some claims for convenience as well as comfort.  The walls are lined with burlap, comfortable chairs and a writing desk are at the disposal of any who care to make use of this room.  The bar-room has been lavishly furnished, but beauty does not appeal to a thirsty man, he seeks something of a more succulent nature, a glass of foaming ale or a touch of Scotch.

     The dining room is bright and cheerful, decorated with flowering plants, and the whole appearance is conducive to appetite.  The kitchen is a model of cleanliness and every provision is made to the perfect purity and wholesomeness of everything put on the table.

     The bedrooms on the first floor have been entirely refurnished and special accommodation for travellers will be provided, and in addition a sample room is being fixed up.

     The ladies' parlour is a very pleasant room on the first floor and overlooks the main street.  This room will be of special value to ladies who drive in from a distance.

     When complete, installed with the electric light and the other contemplated improvements carried out his hotel will be one of the best equipped and comfortable country hotels in Alberta.  Praise is due to Mr. Ehling for his enterprise.  His aim is to deserve the success he hopes to win.


Don't forget the Children's Christmas tree on Dec. 22nd.

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