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December 7, 1911

Christmas Decorations

     Christmas is essentially a children's festival, and in every gathering the paramount thought is for the juveniles.  The stores have laid in a very fine stock of all the most interesting toys available.  The claims of the older ones are not overlooked either, as an inspection of Fisher and Simpson's store and Jack Beynon's establishment will prove.  None of us are so ancient as to forget the joy a trumpet even would give in days gone by, before business worries had entered into our lives and made us touchy.  Here is every form of noise making instrument.  Ladies may value their priceless old china or their beautiful antique furniture, but the unalloyed joy that fills the heart of a little girl to possess toy furniture for her playhouse surpasses all such pleasures of the older ones.  The martial instinct of boys finds pleasure in the possession of soldiers, sword and helmet, while other prefer a life on the ocean wave and would love to command one of those battleships on show and shout orders to their crew, but, beware of th rocks that wrecked the Niobe.

At the Fisher store there are ingenious little cinematographs with which children could keep their parents good for hours.  The first electric car can be seen at the Beynon store, where also can be obtained all the necessary decorations for the Christmas trees, Santa Claus stockings, Japanese lanterns, tinsel, tapers and masks.

     In addition to all the most interesting toys and entertaining beautiful dolls, these stores have an unlimited supply of nuts, fruits and candies.

Skating Rink

     The Skating Rink is at last well under weigh.  R. A. Webster and Robert McLeod have taken the matter in hand, and they expect to get everything ready by Christmas.

     Hockey players are requested to attend a meeting at the Alberta Hotel on Tuesday evening next, to elect officers and draw up a schedule of games.


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