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July 13, 1911

The Cochrane District Exhibit again an Easy First

We win from Carstairs by 110 points, Innisfail a bad third.

                                                      Cochrane      Carstairs      Innisfail

Wheat                                                 200              220              75

Oats                                                    210              200              60

Other grains                                        110              115              75

Grasses and forage                             100              130             175

Roots and vegetables                          100                80              60

Animal Products                                    185              150              85

Manufactured Articles                             60                60               --

Coal, Wood, Game                                 110               45             100

General Attractions                                210              180            --

Fruit                                                        --                    75             --


                                                            1345              1235           680

     Our first essay in the Distric Exhibit at the Calgary Exhibition in 1910 resulted in an easy victory over Cardston, Carstairs and Lloydminster, by a margin of 200 points over Cardston, the next best.  This year, 1911, Cardston and Lloydminster dropped out, but Carstairs came back at us and was backed by Innisfail, a new comer.  We have reason to regret that the competition was so limited, because our exhibit managed and staged by John Cook, was of a character hard to best and the advertisement for our District obtained by it would have been far greater had there been a larger number of entries...

     Some 3000 pamphlets, containing a concise eptiome of the attractions and advantages of the Cochrane didstict as a place of residence, were distributed to enquirers from all parts of the world by Mr. John Cook, whose work in preparing and staging our Exhibit cannot be too highly extolled.....

The Crops

     Reports from all parts of our district describe the crop prospects as splendid, and all grains in a very forward condition.  D. McEachern brought to our office a bunch of rye, 6 feet in height, from a field which he cut last week.  J.D. Johnson, of Bottrel, also brought in a fine sample of rye, well headed out, from a patch of 15 acres on the Van Allen farm which he bought two years ago.  He has also very promising fields of barley and oats, the growth being already knee high.  He is now breaking an additional 50 acres which he will seed to fall wheat this season.

     Another fine sample of rye grass has been sent to us by Ed. Cole, of Jumping Pound, measuring close on seven feet, and Joe Murphy says he has some at his ranche on the Bigt Hill about a foot higher.


     A meeting will be held at 5:30 on Saturday afternoon, 15th. inst., at the Advocate office, for the purpose of organising a Cochrane and District Cricket Club.  All interested in the game are specially requested to be present.

     Gordon Hinde,  Hon. Sec. (pro-tem)




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