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July 27, 1911

The Motor Run to Banff

      On Saturday last Cochrane was invaded by a great crowd of motor cars, of all makes and sizes, the property of members of the C. A. C. (Calgary Automobile Club), who were making their first organised run to Banff in company.  A few cars passed through the town in advance of the main body, which consisted of nearly 30 fine machines and halted here for about an hour, massed outside the Alberta, the Club's officially recognised hotel..... After the storm of the previous night the village was hardly in presentable shape, being partly under water, but the procession of cars dashed gallantly through the lake in the road in front of the Orange Hall without even taking soundings ....

Friday Night's Storm

     The biggest storm that has struck Cochrane for many years commenced about 7 o'clock on Friday evening in a very modest way with fairly heavy rain and low grumbling of thunder in the distance.  Dense black clouds were banked up in the South and West, but as there was a breeze from the East which picked up the rain and blew it from one end of the village to the other, some people said the storm would pass us by.  But it didn't.  It came up against the wind and raged with increasing force, until about ten o'clock, when it came to a sudden end with one or two deafening peals of thunder right over head.  The display of lightning was almost continuous and very beautiful to watch.  The rain came down in a regular deluge and practically flooded the village, and the water which still lay on some of our streets all through Saturday and Sunday called forcible attention to the necessity for further grading, especially alongside the Cochrane Hotel and in front of the Orange Hall.  Large pieces of lumber were brought into town by the flood, pieces of 4 by 6 and 2 by 8 being still in evidence at the corner of Campbell's store.

     We have not heard of any damage being caused by the lightning, but out South, about 15 miles the hail broke some windows and in some places lay to a depth of four inches.  The growing crops of the neighbourhood do not seem to have suffered materially.

Our Stone Cutters Celebrate

     On Tuesday evening the Stone Cutters employed at the Cochrane Quarry gave an entertainment at the Club in celebration of the establishment of the first Trades Union here, the Cochrane Branch of the Journeymen Stonecutters' Association of North America, and the ceremony of "Hanging the Charter".


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