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June 17, 1911

     We are sorry the paper is so late this week, but how could we help it in the circumstances.

We hear that some English cricket enthusiasts propose to try and form a club in this district.  The promoters had better make it clear at the start that the system of "rooting" is entirely foreign to the game.  Better have no cricket at all than have it spoiled by the yelling of abusive comments as in some other games.

There was a fine display of sheet and ribbon lightning during the storm which passed over Cochrane about 9 o'clock on Sunday evening.  The rain which fell was hardly enough to lay the dust, though the dense black clouds seemed to promise a heavy down pour.

The Hillhurst football team combined a visit to Cochrane races on Wednesday with an exhibition game against the local players.  They won, hard held, by four goals to one, which might probably have been 14 to 0 as easily had they chosen.  The "Cap" realised about $30.00, or at least so we were informed.

The Races

     The long looked for gala day of our year, that of Cochrane Races fell on Wednesday and is past and gone.  There was a large influx of country people during the morning, and many went early to the course to secure good places for their rigs on the rails west of the stand.  About 1.30 the storm which had been gathering for the previous hour broke over the village, and for 30 minutes threatened to spoil the day's pleasure.  Rain, hail, thunder and lightning made the prospects look doleful, and those who had remained in town for dinner hugged themselves and pittied those who had to sit out the storm on the course.  A splendid business was done at both hotels and at Beynon's restaurant, the resources of all three establishments being overtaxed in spite of rapid service and quick relays in the dining rooms.  The Special from Calgary came in about 2.30 and those who travelled by it found little trace of the storm when they reached the course, which presented a gay picture of activity, gaudily dressed Indians, and all the local rank and fashion., looking more like a garden party than anything else.  And that is what we aime to make it look like, while having a keen eye on the provision of a first class meeting that shall do credit to our village and district.

Notes on the Races

     It is all right to bring the special train close up to the course, but considering the number of ladies who arrived by it, it would have been better if two barbed wire fences intervening between the track and the ground had been opened for the occasion.  It would have come cheaper than the damage done by the impatient visitors.

     The number of Indians present with their families, all in the gayest and brightest of Holiday finery, was much larger than last year and their races were the most stirring incidents of the day.

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