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June 24, 1911

     An amusing incident occurred recently at a certain school in the neighborhood when an irate mother appeared in the school yard at dinner time and gave a general flogging to all the big boys present.  The cause of her wrath was the fact that her little daughter had arrived home the previous day with a dead - a very dead- gopher in her dinner pail.

     Frank Sibbald, the Official Census enumjerator finished his job on Tueaday, 20th inst. having commenced on the first day of June.  He says he has not met with any unpleasantness or difficulty, and only once had to sleep in the hay mow instead of a bed.  The most humorous experience seems to have been when on one occasin he asked a man what his tribal descent was, and got the prompt reply "I'm a Tory!

Hotel Changes Hands

     Mr. Duncan Shelley, the proprietor of the Cochrane Stone Quarries, has taken over the Cochrane Hotel from M. de Repentigny.  The change takes place at the end of the month.

     Madame de Repentigny has not enjoyed good health since she has been in the West and has been advised that her native air, that of Eastern Canada, would be beneficial.  We hope she may find it so, and regain her health.

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