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November 16, 1911

     The Cochrane Hotel is a perfect beehive of industry, with a gang of workmen pulling down this and altering that, and by Monday everything will look as spick and span as a new pin.

     One of the most valuable possessions of the new proprietor of the Cochrane Hotel is his collie dog Alberta Beauty.  It is a prize winner and one can see by the dignified air, it is conscious of its proud ancestral blook and genealogical history.


Much to the relief of everybody the weather on Tuesday improved for the better, and King Frost, who had almost strangled the life of the people in the neighbourhood, loosened his grasp somewhat, and people are gradually getting back their energy and interesting themselves in the ordinary affairs of life.

The outside work at the Mitford mines has been greatly interfered with by the cold snap.  The new offices, engine and boiler house, etc., can only be proceeded with very slowly, and although they have to disappoint many who have sent in orders they are shipping coal as fast a possible.

Telephone Connection

Gradually the scattered ranches and homesteads in this part of Alberta are being linked up by telephone connection, with Cochrane as the centre.  Few conveniences of modern life are more valued in rural districts than the telephone.  With this means of communication there is no such thing as isolation in the sense that many now experience.  Weather permitting, the line to the West of Jumping Pound will be in operation.  One bright young man who is brim full of original ideas has suggested that badgers be employed to dig the holes for the telephone poles.  It would be a pity to let such a brilliant idea go unheeded.

The Cochrane Hotel

     The license of the Cochrane Hotel last week passed from Duncan Shelley to Charles D. Ehling, of Calgary.

     Mr. Ehling has been in business in Calgary for some time and his record is one that creates the belief he will be an acquisiton to cochrane.  He is here with the hope of business success, the interests of this town and his interests are identical, and he will always evince a practical sympathy with anything which tends to the welfare of this community.

     Among the many improvements he has in view will be the fixing up of a sample room and re-construction of the bar and office, but already the hotel has undergone the throes of a spring clean.

     Another innovation will be the setting apart of one of the most comfortable rooms, which will be entirely at the service of ladies who drive in from long distances.  Mrs. Ehling, who is a typically Scotch lady, wll see to the creature comforts of visitors who desire to avail themselves of the privileges of the reception room.

     With strict attention to the conduct of the hotel, the comfort of guests, the quality and generosity of the table, Mr. and Mrs. Ehling hope to receive their fair share of patronage and the good will and respect of the people of the town and district.

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