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November 2, 1911

The quarrymen in Cochrane are somewhat disgusted at the snowstorm, which has stopped work for a few days.

Apart from a few overturned buggies and wagons there was nothing very serious in the demonstrations of young Cochrane in celebrating Hallowe'en.  We must allow them a little of the latitude we expected when we were young.


A Curling Rink

     Of all the pleasant winter games to be had in Canada nothing is more popular than curling.  There are many ranchers in the immediate country who would look upon the formation of a curling club in Cochrane as a perfect God send.

     The winters are long and time hangs heavily with some.  Many a village no bigger than Cochrane has a properly organised curling club and a fully equipped rink.  The only source of danger is that the players become so fascinated with the game that everything else has to take second place.

     It would not be wise to begin the experiment with a huge outlay and the erection of costly buildings.  Begin modestly and see how the idea takes.  Surely there are enough public spirited men in the town who would undertake the flooding of a piece of land big enough for a skating and curling rink.

     The idea is worth consideration, and we would be pleased to receive suggestions from our readers and if sufficient numbers are interested in the project call a meeting and discuss the matter.

     A local merchant has suggested putting in a rink and if public sentiment is favourable the project will be carried through.

     We must boost Cochrane unless we want it to go to sleep and see the business of surrounding settlements go to more wide awake towns.  Let us all put our shoulders to the wheel and make Cochrane so attractive that it is looked upon a town worth visiting.

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