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November 30, 1911

A new table is being placed in the pool room.  This is the sixth, so evidently the fascinatin of the gren table has a grip on the men of the town.

The necessity of lighting the C.P.R. Station platform is emphasised by the fact that on Tuesday night both Dr. Ritchie and Mr. Austin fell over a heavy baggage truck, which had been left in the fairway.  Mr. Austin had some skin off both his shins and was badly shaken up.

The Growth of Cochrane

     The record of the building operations of Cochrane during the past year, although not accompanied by blowing of trumpets and beating of drums, has been much greater than it is generally realized.

     During the past twelve months buildings to the value of $30,000 have been erected, and those who imagine Cochrane is not going to grow should just ponder over these figures, and those who have confidence in the town's future prosperity, who realise the possibilities should re-double their efforts in pusing the town to the fore.

Curling and Skating

     Well nigh twenty attended the meeting on Monday evening to discuss preliminary steps for the erection of a curling and skating rink.

     The upshot of it was the expression of an unanimous desire to see such a building erected and the formation of hockey and curling clubs.  The questions of ways and means is the only obstacle.

     Mr. Laird informed the meeting that the Village had power to raise a fund up to $2,000 for the purposes of recreation, such sum could, if the Village desired, by used for the erection of a covered in rink that would afford room for curling, skating and hockey, such a building would be suitable for use in summer for exhibition purposes.

      A general feeling was expressed that desirable as the establishment of such a permanent building would be it was too great an undertaking to lightly decide upon one way or another.

     The more cautious ones favoured the erection of an open skating rink by private enterprise.  The outlay would not be heavy and W. Blankstein and S.A. Peyto were asked to canvas the town and get an idea of the number who would be willing to purchase season tickets for the skating rink.

     Although the laying down of a curling rink this year is doubtful, Mr. J.A. Campbell is anxious to form a curling club, get affiliated with the Association and qualify to enter the different bonspiels.

     Will those willing to join notify J.A. Campbell, Dr. Park or the Advocate.

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