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September 21, 1911

     Messrs. M.S. McCarthy, R.B. Bennett and Georgeson arrived on the Fair grounds by auto on Thursday afternoon and spent an hour or two chatting with friends and inspecting the exhibits.  The Conservative candidate addressed a large meeting at Glenbow in the evening.  The quarry hands are "anti-reciprocity" to a man, as they believe their trade will be ruined and the Western quarries closed down if this pact goes through.

     Our note on the sale of privileges to shell game men has received the approval of many of our readers, and we learn that a good deal of money was taken out of the town by these men, though, in one case restitution of a considerable sum was made in preference to a visit to the barracks.

     Mr. R.W. McNamee, director of the Agricultural Society desires to be put on record as having opposed the sale of privileges on the Fair grounds to gamblers.

     In this connection it may be pointed out that the Ladies' Aid of the Presbyterian Church, working hard, and in the best of causes, in supplying absolute necessaries in the way of food to the public at the Fair, were soaked $15.00 for the two days while the skin game artists only paid $5.00....The Directors who sanctioned this arrangement will have hard work to justify themselves at the next General Meeting.

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