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September 7, 1911

     Wm Sargent has completed the new sidewalk running down 2nd. Street, between Main St. and All Saints' Anglican.  He has made a very good job of it and it will be a great convenience to the people using the street as well as to the congregation of All Saints'.

     The crossing between the Alberta Hotel and the Union Bank needs grading up, the lumber standing considerably above the level of the street.  Turning the corner yesterday afternoon Dr. Park's car got such a jerk that Mr. Soulier, senr.,who was with him was tossed head over heels into the road.  Fortunately, Mr. Soulier suffered no other injuries than a few scratches.

The Weather and the Crops

     The fine weather of last week, a continuance of which was so necessary for the ripening of the crops of the district, broke on Sunday.  A drizzling rain fell all day and during the night several heavy showers fell in Grand Valley, making the trails very heavy travelling.  We noticed very few fields that showed any change of colour; almost all the oats were quite green and in some cases were rather badly laid in patches.  We understand that the same state of things exists all round this neighbourhood.

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