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April 25, 1912

     The circulating library will be opened on Saturday evening from 7:30 till 9.  The McGill Library books have to be returned next week, and for the convenience of those who cannot get down to the library books may be left at the Advocate office.

What's This?

      We cull the following from the Calgary Eye Opener.  "Great hullabaloo over R. B. Bennet's threatened transfiguration from a Canadian to an English statesman, he being already a British statesman.  The fact that R. B. left again this week for England has no significance politically, for his mission is purely business for this trip.  It is in connection with the sale of some properties near Cochrane (not the Ghost River gold mines) to an English syndicate, of which the Duke of Portland and some other bigwigs are members.  This is official."

The Auto Livery

        Jim Andison's auto livery had a very busy time during the past two weeks.  On Friday last he took a party of Cochrane's most distinguished sons to Calgary.  Of course, Jim took the helm and safely conducted his party to their destination.  The air of affluence the party carried prompted unkind remarks from the loungers of Ninth Avenue, such as "Its they millionaires that makes it hard for we workin men," and other expressions found in the I don't want to work Socialistic literature.  After dining at one of the fashionable restaurants the party repaired for a picture show and there saw a film depicting some thrilling bronco busting by Tom Fernett.  Another hair-raising scene was in which T. Quigley was shown dashing down the streets of Cochrane dodging cows and pigs.  The Sherman Grand was subsequently visited, the party arriving home about midnight.  

The Creamery

     The Creamery has now started in dead earnest.  The manager is getting busier every day, and has already made butter on two occasions.  Thanks to a little good management things are coming the creamery way which make the directors anticipate a year of successful business.  Last week. J. A. Campbell went to Banff and established an agency for the handling of all the milk and cream the creamery can send.  The creamery is anxious to obtain further supplies.  They have an outlet for all the dairy produce they can obtain, and as prices are the same as at Calgary what more do milkmen require.


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