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April 4, 1912

     In  future, the arm of the law in Cochrane will be very long.  Constable Wood has now a horse that is a perfect peach.  He gave it a fair trial on the open prairie this week.  To use a motor expression he opened the throttle and let her go.  When he actually pulled up his fiery steed he found his shadow was miles behind.  With such a constable and such a horse no wonder evil doers are living in terror.

     The Creamery is getting its last touches on it before opening.  The manager, L. Pilon, has arrived and has been busy overhauling machinery, and getting everything in ship-shape order.  Mr. Pilon (pronounced Peelon) comes with the best credentials, having had long experience in creamery work in Ontario.  With skilful management there is no doubt the creamery will become a valuable asset to the business of the town.

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