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August 1, 1912

     S. Jones and G. Pitter experienced an incident of some excitement on Tuesday.  They had taken a land buyer up to the beautiful Dog Pound district and on the way back the trace broke and away went the horses.  Every effort to stop them was made, but seeing it a hopeless task, the order went forth "Save yourselves, take to the lifeboats."  For a second or two some pretty quick thinking was done.  Their lives were in jeopardy, but their consciences were clear, they had told no untruths, although they have been out to sell land.  Stanley took a handspring and double somersault in the air, but in his hurry alighted on his head instead of his heels.  George acted with commendable coolness, but it took him some time to convince his companions they were still alive.  Luckily for the progress of the town these enterprising real estate men were not seriously hurt.

     The surveyors of the Inter-Urban Railway are camped 5 miles southeast of the town.

     A well-known local horseman was on Tuesday worried out of life almost with mosquitoes.  On Wednesday, Dr. Ritchie gave him a concoction guaranteed to keep off the most bloodthirsty mosquito, but to the disgust of the aforesaid horseman after he had anointed himself with the disagreeable stuff he could not find a mosquito and for several hours he was "hunting for a blooming mosquito to see if the stuff is any good."

     The Calgary Power Company's wires will be through here shortly, the construction camp being just across the river.

     The beautiful weather we have been having has raised the hopes of local farmers. Just a few more weeks of this genbial sunshine and the finest crops on record will be ready for the binder.

A Demonstration Farm for Cochrane

      The possibilities of Cochrane and district as a mixed farming country are at last recognized, the Lands Department of the C.P.R. having decided to establish a demonstration farm on the west of half of section I, one mile east of the town.  J. Cook, who owns this section, having surrendered half of his land for the purpose.

     The object of the company is to demonstrate in a practical manner the suitability of the foothills country for the purposes of mixed farming.  The establishing of such a farm will be an undoubted asset to the district.  Indubitable proof of the suitability of soil and climate for general farming has been time and again, but the settlement of the farm will create an interest the district has not previously enjoyed.  One hundred acres will be broken as soon as possible.  The stock will comprise sheep, dairy cows, pigs and experiments in beef-feeding and vegetable growing will be carried out.  J. Cook has been approached with the view of his taking charge of the whole establishment, and we hope he will accept.  Much of the credit for the interest shown in this district by the C.P.R. is due to J. Cook and W. Cook, whose clever and successful agricultural methods have attracted such wide attention.  Cook Bros. have done more than anyone else in bringing Cochrane to the fore as a farming centre, and it is only a fitting reward that one of them should have charge of the farm.  Thanks are also due to the Hon. C. W. Fisher, who for some time has been advocating the claims of the district.

Brutal Murder of a C.P.R. Brakeman

     The whole country is stirred over the shooting of R. J. Blair, a brakeman on the C.P.R., which occurred on Tuesday evening last at Morley.  As No. 3 westbound was leaving Morley two men were seen getting into the baggage wagon.  they resisted the efforts of the conductor, who tried to put them off,and on Blair going to help, he was deliberately shot at by one of the men.  Blair was taken to Banff Hospital, and died the next day.  Mounted policemen, Indians and civilians are scouring the country, and it seems impossible for the murderer to escape, especially as his companion has been captured.

The Cochrane Hotel

     The Cochrane Hotel is under new management, and application has been made for the transfer of the license from Carl D. Ehling to Henri Moulu.  Mr. Moulu has been connected with hotel business all his life, in France, England, and Canada, having filled responsible positions in the Royal Alexander Hotel, Winnipeg, and the King George Hotel, Calgary.  Assisting him will be Mrs. Moulu and Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Rubben, not to mention the indispensable and ever genial Ben.


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