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August 8, 1912

     As there are so few dogs in the town the Hon. C. W. Fisher is trying to make up the shortage.  On Wednesday, with the assistance of the judge, he brought back from Calgary what is supposed to be an Airdale, but it was left to a critical Cochrane crowd to discover it was a cross between a jack rabbit and a musk-rat.

     J. and W. Andison went up into the Ghost River district on a fishing expedition on Monday, returning on Wednesday night.  Nothing stimulates the imagination like an outing with the rod and line, but as Father Hermes was with the party, we may get an ungarbled report.  One trout Jim caught was certainly a giant.  The united efforts of all three were unavailing, but hitching the line to the auto they managed at last to land it.

     The Cochrane Polo Club certainly deserve thanks for their enterprise in arranging a polo tournament for Sept. 18th.  It will attract hundreds to the town, and Cochrane people, if they are wide awake, will bestir themselves into cooperation with the Polo Club and make the tourney a success.  Apart from the virtue of hospitality to the stranger within our gates it would be folly to show indifference to such an important event.


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