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February 29, 1912

There will be a meeting of the directors of the Creamery on Saturday afternoon.  It is timed for 3 p.m., standard time, not Cochrane time.  Please attend if possible, or the cows will be ready before the creamery.

Buttermilk is a very favorite drink with some people, and without charging for the advice we suggest to the creamery that they sell this product to the local hotels and restaurants.  It is said that at the big meat-packing plants nothing is wasted, and even the squeals of the pigs are made use of and turned into whistles.  The creamery must keep ahead of the times.

Cochrane is in the throes of a gold fever, and for the benefit of the halt and lame Stringer and Pfiefer are exhibiting some gold dust in their window.  It has been pronounced by M.H. Pfiefer as a very valuable specimen, and this opinion is endorsed by Sam Lamb, who assayed it.

Grand Valley

Threshing was finished last week and fair results showed as a rule.  S.D. Chester had oats weighing 35 lbs. to the bushel, H.M. Lumsden 33 and so on, the latter has a few for sale at Cochrane price.

Gophers are not about in numbers.

Brady's gold mine rush is in full swing and many claims are already pegged out.  "Paddy" has, we hear, turned down an offer from another Irishman of $2,000 for his claim, his price being over $3,000.

This is truly a wonderful district, rich in crops, gold, coal and romance.

The Grouch Again

The health of a town is a very important matter, and to posses a record of immunity from disease is a most valuable asset.  With our world-wide reputation as a gold centre, the premier position in the province in all things appertaining to agriculture, it certainly is not in keeping with the dignity of the town to allow the streets to become the dumping ground for waste papers and other rubbish.  Useful though the Chinook winds may be in picking papers and whirling them down to Calgary, there are some things a Chinook even cannot pick up.  That grouch who grumbled about the cows has kicked up an awful shindy about the state of the streets and the dirty condition of the backs of some of the houses.  Somebody should be engaged to scavange the streets and collect all garbage, is the opinion of the grouch, the expense to be met by the village, otherwise there will be something worse than gold fever.

     With such optimism in the air it is difficult to think of anything but gold, but will the council kindly descend to earth and listen to the plaints of one not living in the beautiful world of imagination

Cochrane is the Scene of the Latest Rush for Gold

Gold has been discovered in the mountains near Cochrane.  That is the news which is creating the greatest excitement that this town has ever known.  Those who know say that it is the real thing, and several experienced persons have looked over the discovery and pronounced it to be genuine.  No authoritative test has been made.

     An old prospector who has had experience in Australia and other parts of the world has been working on the Ghost River about 13 miles northwest of the town, and has discovered what he believes to be real gold.

     The news of the discovery created great excitement and many people have been out and staked claims.  Many more are leaving for the scene of operations.  This is a real rush.

Says it is the real thing

 An old Yukon miner has looked it over and says that it is the real thing and that it looks as good as the Yukon.

    The staking is being followed by the application for claims, and many are rushing to Calgary to locate, believing that such action can be taken in that city.

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