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January 4, 1912

Christmas and New Year have come and gone, friendly greetings by the thousand have passed through the Cochrane post office, and surely Miss Trueman and her assistant have earned a bouquet of thanks.  We know that is the feeling of most people, so we present one.

Grand Valley

     Blue-birds have been seen in Grand Valley, and they are of the rare species, "Avisw Aristocratus".  In addition, other queer things have been seen during the Christmas festivities.

     Cupid has been very busy at Grand Valley, and rumours of many marriages are in the air.

     H. M. Lumsden is giving a dance on Friday night.  All sorts of non-intoxicants are ordered.

     Skating is the nightly amusement of hundreds on the creek during full moon.

Hockey Club

     A meeting of the Cochrane Hockey Club was held at the Alberta Hotel on Tuesday evening, over which I. Brodie presided.  The following officers were elected:  Sec-Treas., C. Jarret, managing committee, A. R. Webster, R. McLeod, M.H. Pfiefer, with I. Brodie as captain of the team.

     The Rev. R. D. Harrison was elected hon. Pres., W. Dean, president, and C. Ehling, vice.

     It was decided to secure a book of rules for the 1911 - 12 season.  The club fee was fixed at $1.  C. Jarrett, I. Brodie and G. A. Stringer were chosen to discuss further business with the managing committee at R. A. Webster's office on Thursday evening.

     All are invited to join the hockey club, proficient skaters will amuse themselves, whilst those who cannot skate will afford intense amusement to others whilst learning.

     The rink has been levelled and the boarding erected, and flooding was begun on Wednesday evening, so in all probability skating will be in full swing next week.


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