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June 13, 1912

A local man has received a letter from J. Scott, late of Grand Valley, but now a prominent, very prominent, resident of Victoria, B.C.  "This is surely God's own country.  Beer is only 5c a glass, and Johnny Dewar Whiskey can be bought at $1 a bottle."  We hear that several well-known water wagon riders started for Victoria as soon as the races were over.

With regard to the stick-fast solution sold by the Simpson Hardware Store, and recommended for indifferent riders, R. Hewitt, the big wheel of the building firm of Chapman Bros, and Hewitt, has a word of praise.  He finds it particularly useful when shingling, and as it enables one to stick to a wall like a fly the highest walls can be painted without the aid of scaffolding or ladders.

The council met on Saturday evening.  The principal business was consideration of the advisability of enforcing the pound law.  A petition of ratepayers asking that the law be brought into operation was presented and discussion ensued, but no decision was made.

An official of the C.P.R. was in Cochrane on Saturday last, sent to inquire as to the possibility of establishing a demonstrating farm in this district.  The C.P.R. has in the past, overlooked the claims of this district, but the personal influence of the Hon C. W. Fisher, and the fact that it has beaten all competitors at the Calgary Exhibition compel attention.  We do not know what the result of the official's visit may be, but it is a matter the Board of Trade could well discuss and co-operate with the company in bringing about the establishment of such a farm.

Board of Trade Exhibit

     One thing at a time.  The races are over, and we must direct our readers' attention to the Calgary Exhibition the 29th of June, at which show it is hoped Cochrane and district will again cover it all with glory.  The Cochrane exhibit will again be under the charge of J. Cook, than whom a more suitable man could not be found, and if we only back him up as we should, the local exhibit will not only take first prize, but create such an interest that a much desired impetus will be given to the development of our natural resources.  We have heard of districts borrowing and buying from more favoured communities, but Cochrane has no need to stoop to such mean little tricks.  it has won on its own merits in the past and it can do so again.  Don't rest on your laurels, get out and win fresh ones.

     Will all our readers kindly take the trouble to interest themselves in this matter and not leave everything to a few.  If you haven't anything worth showing you probably know someone who has.  Get after them and see that they send it.

     The following are required to complete the exhibit, for which the Board of Trade will be thankful.  Specimens of lumber, coal, clay, stone, bushel samples of oats, barley, rye, wheat.....

Many of the residents of this portion of the Province are completing arrangements to attend the Calgary Exhibition in July, and from the information which is received concerning the programme arranged for that week, there will be something doing all the time.  From an exhibition point of view there is assurance of a very large display in all departments. The live stock breeders are preparing their animals for the show ring, and the reputation which Alberta has received as a stock country will be again amply demonstrated.  District exhibits and the individual displays made by some of the most successful farmers int he Province will provide some very keen competitions for the premier honours.  It is to be hoped that this portion of the country will be represented, as the publicity that would be derived by having Cochrane carry off many of the premier honours as hitherto would be of incalculable value.

The Shelley Quarry Co. Cochrane

     On reading the following there can no longer be a doubt as to what district can produce the best stone for building purposes.  We have operating in Cochrane the Shelley Quarry Company, who have, against the best sandstones in the United States and dressed by machinery, secured the trade of the West, and the under mentioned important structures nearer home - Examining Custom Warehouse, Calgary; Office Building and Warehouse for the Canadian General Electric and the Canada Foundry, Calgary; residence for Thomas Cluston, Esq., Crescent Heights, Calgary; stone building for David Wheeler, Esq., Banff; fancy coping for Mr. Medill, Rosedale Heights, Calgary, a most expensive residence; and many others.

     The office and cutting plant is situated in 5th Ave. West, Calgary, and among the many improved tools now being used is the open side plainer, made by F. R. Patch, Rutland, Vermont; a double acting planer made by the George Anderson firm, Carnoustie, Scotland and an immense straight cut planing saw, made by the same people.

     But the tool the company takes most pride in is a specially built circular saw made to their order, in which they use a carbourundum tooth.  This saw was made in New York.  It is the only one of its kind in Canada, and has a capacity of sawing a block of stone 2ft. 6ins. at the rate of 2ft. 3ins. a minutes, leaving a polished surface.  Space will not permit of more just now, but Cochrane stone is going to make the town famous.

     The quarry and works are under the personal management of Mr. D. Shelley

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