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June 6, 1912

The Presbyterian Sunday School will hold a picnic on July 1st.  Games on an Olympic scale will be carried out, and many a record is likely to be broken.  Everybody Welcome.

The Calgary Citizen's Band is engaged for the Cochrane Races on Wednesday next.

The day after the races there will be a polo match between Cochrane and Fish Creek, with the following sides: Cochrane. A. C. Landale, G. H. Rhodes, C. R. de la Vergne, O. A. Critchley.  Fish Creek.  A. Hone, J. Hone, M. Hone, G. Jephson

Race day, June 12th.


     Tenders will be received for the booth privileges at the Cochrane Races on June 12th.  The privilege will include the sale of tea, hot water and other refreshments.  Tenders must be sent in on or before Friday, June 7th.  Apply, E. Townend, sec.

Arrangements are being made for a week's camp by the Duke and Duchess of Connaught and party about 22 miles north-west of Cochrane in September.  In connection with this a very funny remark was overheard.  An individual, well-known for his ill-manner, his laughable pomposity and his colossal ignorance, on hearing of the royal visit exclaimed "Ha, ha, that's good.  Now there will be someone of my own class to associate with.

The Cochrane Football team will play the Stoney Indians after the races on Wednesday next.

A meeting will be held on Saturday evening at the Alberta Hotel to consider plans for the formation of a cricket club.  All interested in the game are cordially invited to attend.  We believe there are a few strangers in the outlying districts who would like to be associated with the movement.  To these a special invitation is extended.

A bowling match is being arranged between the Ranchers and merchants the day after the races.  See Eddie Mose about it.

The Creamery

     It is with the greatest pleasure we note the continued growth of the business of the creamery.  Every confidence is now placed in the future success of the undertaking, and directors and patrons alike are satisfied with the work of the manager.  The contract for the supply of milk and cream for the C.P.R. hotels at Banff, Laggan and Field.  To meet the requirements of this expanding trade a 2,000 gallon capacity pasteurizer has been ordered. The amount of money paid out locally will average $2,000 monthly, and this amount of ready money circulated will be a great help in developing this district, and direct attention to mixed farming, the only safe industry in this district.

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