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March 21, 1912

     The sport of bowling has taken great hold on the men of the town, and much promising material has been discovered.  Two teams from Calgary are coming up, and it is up to the local men to give them a good game.  See Eddie about it and get in shape.

     There were seven, and gathered around the stove at the Campbell store on wintry night many were the stories told.  Here is one, the others in due course.  "Harry went home for dinner.  Is dinner ready? he asked of his wife. No, it isn't.  I'm busy washing.  Turn the washing machine handle.  I shan't, he replied.  Don't you shan't me, you, you, what shall I say, you worm, turn that handle.  Mary, he replied, I may be a worm but not a worm that turns".  This is true.  The unhappy lives in Cochrane.

    "What's your trouble now," the groucher was asked.   "I'm tired of grouching and trying to put the world right.  Why don't the people burn their waste paper instead of letting it litter the streets?  Where's the chairman of the Fire and Light Committee/  Why doesn't he buy a lamp or two for the main street, and light them too?  People are just as careless about their cows as ever.  Look up the street, there are a half a dozen cows round that load of green feed.  The owner should be prosecuted."  On being told that the cows were his, the groucher replied, "Is that so, they won't hurt for a time, besides people shouldn't leave their green feed about."  The groucher went home the other way.

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