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May 2, 1912

Race Association

     The management of the Race Association are determined to not only keep that interest of the races up to the well-known standard, but they intend surpassing all previous records in the number of events and the value of the purses.

     A gentleman, known throughout the length and breadth of the Dominion, in conversation with a representative of the Advocate described the Cochrane Races as the most interesting races in the west.  The whole of Calgary with rings on their fingers and bells on their toes will be present, and Cochrane may expect a lively time.  Further information next week.

The Inter Urban Railway

     The Dominion Government have approved of the inter-urban railway plans and the first stage of this network of railways that is to cover the province will be begun next week, when the Carlson-Calgary branch will be started.

      Nothing will so contribute to the development and prosperity of the rural districts as this system of light railways, it will simply revolutionize country life and relieve the congestion of population in the cities.  Much of the expensive haulage of farm produce will be eliminated, and as for passengers, a service will be provided which will bring the remotest within easy reach of business centres.

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