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May 30, 1912

Premier Sifton is scoffed at for predicting a population of twenty millions for Alberta.  We do not think that is wide of the mark, judging by the growth of Cochrane, besides Calgary's sub-divisions can accommodate that number with overcrowding.

Ed Thompson is entering for the bucking riding contest for world's championship and prize of $1,000 at the "Stampede" in Calgary in September.  George Pitter has been asked to enter, but his answe4r was "I wouldn't like to take the prize away from the other fellows, besides, I don't need the money.

The creamery is going along in fine style.  The demand for sweet cream is insatiable, and now the creamery has been asked to meet a big contract for milk.  Now the success of the creamery is assured there are a few kicking themselves for selling their shares.  If the shareholders will only make the most of their opportunities they will find more gold in this undertaking than on Brady's claim.

Cannot something be done to brighten up Cochrane on the day of the races?  We don't think it would hurt the town to have its face washed and hair combed.

Mr. O.A. Critchley, with his usual keenness is encouraging good amateur sport, has invited Cochrane cricketers to his ranche to get spots knocked off them by a team he will raise in Grand Valley.  Those anxious to take in this outing are asked to send in their name to the Advocate.

Mitford journeyed to Exchaw the other day, we won't say which day, that is best left to their consciences, and beat the cement workers by 4-1.  There must be some pretty good steam coal at Mitford.

Some idea of the number of bricks turned out by the Cochrane brickyards in the course of a year can be gathered from the record of the Bruel brickyard, which made 29,000 one day last week.

Wreck of the Titanic, largest, best written, best illustrated and most attractive book ever offered the public for $1.  Agents wanted.  Biggest commission ever.  Freight prepaid.  Outfit free.  Send 15 cents cost of mailing.  Rush today to Maritime Publishing Co., Box 91, St. John. N.B.

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