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May 9, 1912

The dance arranged by the Football Club on Friday last was in every way a success and its funds considerably helped.  On Friday next a match is arranged between the local players and Mitford.  There will be some class about this match.

A meeting of the tennis club will be held in the office of the Union Bank on Saturday, the 11th., at 3 p.m.

The Board of Trade

     The meeting arranged by the board of trade of Saturday last was attended by a fairly numerous company of townsmen.

     The activity of the board, the personal influence of its members in infusing interest in the town's advancement are having their effect and Cochrane evidently intends emerging from obscurity and coming into her own.

     The question of advertising the town was gone into, but it was felt that a scheme of the ambitious nature suggested should be submitted to a public meeting, the 18th of May being the date fixed.  The directors feel confident that there will be no difficulty in raising $1,000 if the projects they have in view are thoroughly explained.  It is hoped that sufficient funds will b e forthcoming to enable the district to have an exhibit at the Dry Farming congress at Lethbridge in October as well as the usual display at the Calgary Exhibition in June.

     Amongst the correspondence laid before the board was a letter from a sewer pipe and pressed brick manufacturing concern asking for particulars as to clay, fuel and other products necessary for the manufacture of such articles.


     At the conclusion of the meeting the Hon. C.W. Fisher made a statement concerning the Inter-Urban Railway from Calgary to Banff.  The impression many people held was that Mr. Fisher was opposed to this system of railways.  Mr. Fisher most emphatically denied any antagonism, but most heartily supported the scheme, and furthermore, he read the following letter which will be received with a great deal of satisfaction:

     Copy of letter to Mr. C.W. Fisher

Sir, In further reference to several conversations regarding the Alberta Inter-Urban Railway, I wish to point out that if the company make application to go west of Calgary to Banff that they should be compelled to connect of come through Cochrane, also before any route plan is approved of by the government I wish to be notified.  Yours truly,

     John Stocks, Deputy Minister, Public Works, Edmonton

The Polo Club Meeting

     The Polo Club held a meeting in the Alberta Hotel on Saturday last, and in keeping with the spirit of enterprise and wideawakeness which is being breathed into everything connected with the town the club decided on a plan of activity that will bring Cochrane into the limelight of the polo world.

     The officers elect5ed for the coming season are O.A. Critchley, captain; A. McPherson, vice; A. Landale, sec., with C.R. de la Vergne and D. Kerfoot, added to the committee of management.

     The club start play on Saturday afternoon at 2:30 p.m. on the race track.

     One ambitious project of the club is to hold a tournament sometime this summer and this should receive the loyal support of the whole town as well as the players themselves.

     Another scheme in embryo is the building of a pavilion for the accommodation of ladies who are expected to grace the ground with their presence during the different matches.

Race Association

     The Race Association held a meeting on Saturday last, and put the final touches on the racing events, the prizes and the conditions of the different contests.

     Intending contestants please note that the managing committee desire all riders to appear in colours, and secretary E. Townend would like a description of the colours sent in with the entries.

     June the 19th is the great day, keep the date in mind and each resolve to exercise a little personal influence and make this year's races top all previous records.





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