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November 7, 1912

     A meeting of the Cochrane Hockey Club will be held at the Alberta Hotel on Friday night, Nov. 8th., at 8:30 o'clock, for the election of officers and other business.  Everybody come and bring a friend.

     We hope the McKenzie Glover Company wont forget their promise to give another entertainment soon.

     On the evening of the concert a pair of Riding Boots and Socks were placed in the wrong rig outside the Beynon Livery Barn.  Will the one who found these articles please return them to the Advocate Office.

     The new bell a the Presbyterian Church is certainly an acquisition.  The tone is rich and sounds very inviting.

     We are glad to be able to announce that the MacKenzie Glover Entertainers will give another entertainment on Thursday, Nov. 21.

     The Advocate has to-day received a sample copy of the "Wreck of the Titanic," half Morocco binding.  This book is well written, with over 50 beautiful illustrations, and should be in every home, as it is the history of the most appalling sea disaster ever known.  Complete copies will be mailed post free for $1, by the Maritime Publishing House, Box 94, St. John, N.B.

     The Hon. Duncan Marshall, Minister of Agriculture, was on Monday of last week approached by C.W. Fisher and J. Cook on the subject of sending the Home Course School of Agriculture to Cochrane sometime during the coming winter.  Mr. Marshall, who was in a generous humour, as a result of the large number attending the mixed farming special, favored the idea, and advised sending in an application.  First of all, it will be necessary to get an idea of the number who would take the course.  As all branches of agriculture will be lectured upon students can choose the course they are most interested in.  Those favoring the proposal should see Mr. Fisher or the president of the Agricultural Society.

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