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October 10, 1912

    There are few keener men interested in agriculture than H. W. Trotter, of Glenbow. he is one of those men, only too rare in this country who can adapt themselves to conditions different to what they have been accustomed.  So many try to alter conditions, climatic and otherwise, to suit their methods, instead of wisely applying methods to suite the conditions.  This folly is shown by the insistence of some people in pinning faith in grain growing in spite of continued failures.  Many new comers, filled with dreams of avarice, inspired by the easy occupation of grain growing, think the older settlers who engage entirely in stock raising, are a pack of fools, a century behind the times.  "We'll show 'em," thy say, and they do, but not in the manner expected.  The men who have succeeded in this country are the men who have stuck to dairying, cattle and stock raising.  It is a positive pleasure to visit a stock farm like Mr. Trotter's, where horses, cattle, and sheep all look so well cared for and contented.  It is to be hoped that the whole of this country in the near future will be settled with men who realize the true nature of the country and its possibilities.  In this direction we believe the Demonstration Farm will be on incalculable value.

     The Council have begun laying down sidewalks.  It would be a vast improvement in the appearance of the town if the sidewalks were carried to the west end village limits.  There is no selfishness in this, of course.

     Telephone communication is now under construction between Cochrane and Dog Pound.

     There may be a lull in the matter of the question of electric supply, but it is not dead by any means, the Board of Trade will see to that.  Cochrane will yet have its Great White Way.

     The new brick plant at Glenbow is fast nearing completion, and will be in operation in a week or two.  The company propose working during the winter moths.  Our little neighbour to the east is becoming quite a thriving little town.

     The new bell purchased by the Try Club for the Presbyterian Church has arrived and will be installed immediately.

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