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May 4, 1911 (continued)

The Creamery

     A notice has been sent out to all the shareholders in the Creamery to the effect that the building and equipment will be ready for a public demonstration on Monday, 8, inst. in the afternoon, and that Directors and officers of the enterprise should now be elected. The President of the Board of Trade, Mr. J. G. Tweed, J.P., and the writer visited the building yesterday and were shown round by Mr. Charles Marlatt, who explained the purpose and working of the milk testing machine, the rotary churn and other machinery.

     We hope that as many people as possible, whether shareholders or intending patrons, will make a point of being present on Monday, and that a strong Board of Directors and thoroughly competent officers may be chosen so that the Creamery may at least start with a fair prospect of success.

Motor Garage for Cochrane

     Chapman Bros. are about to build a Motor Car Garage for Messrs. T. Quigley and T.S. Fisher on the lot betweeen S.J. Peyto's house and Pope Avenue.  The building will accommodate four cars, beside giving storage room for supplies of gasoline and all necessaries likely to be called for by motorists either in the ordinary course or in an emergency.  The building will probably be completed within a month.  It should be a great convenience to visitors from Calgary and other outside points as well as to our own car-owners.

The Coronation

     In deference to a generally expressed opinion, and many promises of attendance, we have to announce that a public meeting will be held at the Orange Hall (kindly lent for the occasion), at 8 o'clock on Saturday, 18th instant, for the purpose of discussing the subject of our local celebration of the Coronation of King George V., and the presence of all good Canadians is earnestly requested.

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