CHAPS Cochrane Historical Museum

CHAPS Cochrane Historical Museum

Cochrane Historical & Archival Preservation Society

Beautiful Scenery

Visitors to the CHAPS Museum in Cochrane, Alberta are within an hour’s drive of Banff National Park and the mountain playgrounds west of Calgary that offer year round outdoor activities in a beautiful setting.

Located within The Cochrane Ranche

The Dominion Government incorporated a company in 1881 and it was known as the Cochrane Ranche Company.  (excerpt from Big Hill Country page 155). 

The Museum Building's History

Constructed in 1909 by the Davies family using bricks from the Collin’s Brick Yard. Built to be used as a hospital/nursing home and private residence. Moved to its current site in 2014.

Experience the history of
Canada's West

Through the eyes of its settlers, ranchers and farmers; 

the service and supply businesses, the educators and more.

Blue Sky Memories

Another in the 100 Stories for 100 Years series produced by Barry Thorson. Vernice (Towers) Wearmouth talks about the Brushy Ridge fire and cutter rides from the Ranch to Cochrane to attend dances.  It’s a lovely story from a local pioneer of the challenges and joys of living in the area. The Brushy Ridge

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Digitally Preserving Alberta’s Diverse Cultural History

We recently heard from a group doing some interesting work to preserve our history. They asked us to make our members aware. We’re happy to do that. Hi! I’m working with Dr. Peter Dawson at the University of Calgary. We have recently made a Facebook page to help share our digital preservation work in Alberta.

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Photo Archive Opening Reminder

Mark this free event on your calendar ! Let us know what interests you: Parades Community organizations Modes of transport Industry CPR Business buildings Cochrane schools Class pictures People Homes Cairn unveiling Slides Labor parade by G Davies & Jack Steele Fire department Sports Overview of town Main Street Cochrane

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New ways to support CHAPS

CHAPS has always accepted donations to support the Museum, Historical Signs and other projects we have. All of our projects are listed under the Activities option on our website. We’ve just modernized that process. Facebook and Paypal have offered their services at no cost to registered charities like CHAPS. We receive 100% of your donation.

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The Easy Way to make Hard Ice Cream

No matter where I’ve lived, whenever someone learns I’m from Cochrane, they mention Mackay’s Ice Cream. This video from the 100 Stories for 100 Years series features Chris, Heather, Rhona and Robyn Mackay talking about their family, growing up in Cochrane and this famous local business. From an Article in Big Hill Country 1977

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Photo Archive Open House

Photo  Archive Open House Jan 16th 7:30 PM Cochrane Historical Museum Cost: Free Most commented on photo on our Facebook page. CHAPS is planning on having regularly scheduled events to talk about the History of Cochrane and area. This is our first where we plan on opening up our photo archives. We have many more

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