CHAPS Cochrane Historical Museum

Cochrane Historical & Archival Preservation Society

Beautiful Scenery

Visitors to the CHAPS Museum in Cochrane, Alberta are within an hour’s drive of Banff National Park and the mountain playgrounds west of Calgary that offer year round outdoor activities in a beautiful setting.

Located within The Cochrane Ranche

The Dominion Government incorporated a company in 1881 and it was known as the Cochrane Ranche Company.  (excerpt from Big Hill Country page 155). 

The Museum Building's History

Constructed in 1909 by the Davies family using bricks from the Collin’s Brick Yard. Built to be used as a hospital/nursing home and private residence. Moved to its current site in 2014.

Experience the history of
Canada's West

Through the eyes of its settlers, ranchers and farmers; 

the service and supply businesses, the educators and more.

History of the Cochrane Library

Introduction The mission of CHAPS is to identify, preserve, protect, and educate the public about historically significant properties and buildings in Cochrane, Alberta. The focus of this history is of the founding and early years of the library and is not meant to be a complete history. Institutions like the Library are particularly valuable since

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Golf had an early beginning

Golf was played each summer for about four years when it was abandoned. Caddies for golfers made about 50 cents a round and wooden-shafted clubs were used. 

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James Holme comments on the Cochrane Ranche 1883

A railway surveyor James Holme travelled west in 1883 to check on the progress of building the railway and his excerpts are recounted in “Trip West in 1883” in AB History, spring 2000, Vol48, #2. Pg 14& 15 are about his arrival at Cochrane Ranche.

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Allan and Helen Elliott Family

We also had a “Bomb Shelter”. The Government thought the Russians might Nuke us in the 1960’s. And of course, Cochrane, being what they thought was a primary target in Canada, had a Bomb Shelter at the Police Detachment. It was a big culvert buried in our back yard, another totally cool fort.

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Brooker Family

Business was brisk, and so with farming, trail riding, cutting logs, post and poles, plus even Christmas trees, we did just fine. Occasionally in the winter I helped out as a meatcutter at M&K Foodmaster in Cochrane. After a few years, M&K was put up for sale and we decided to buy it and sell the farm and ranch. 

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