CHAPS Cochrane Historical Museum

Cochrane Historical & Archival Preservation Society

Beautiful Scenery

Visitors to the CHAPS Museum in Cochrane, Alberta are within an hour’s drive of Banff National Park and the mountain playgrounds west of Calgary that offer year round outdoor activities in a beautiful setting.

Located within The Cochrane Ranche

The Dominion Government incorporated a company in 1881 and it was known as the Cochrane Ranche Company.  (excerpt from Big Hill Country page 155). 

The Museum Building's History

Constructed in 1909 by the Davies family using bricks from the Collin’s Brick Yard. Built to be used as a hospital/nursing home and private residence. Moved to its current site in 2014.

Experience the history of
Canada's West

Through the eyes of its settlers, ranchers and farmers; 

the service and supply businesses, the educators and more.

Hats off to days gone by in Cochrane

In the early days, a man was known for the hat he wore. When a man took his hat off 50 years ago, ranchers or outdoorsmen especially would be tanned a dark oak color except where the hat brim sat, then there would be a sharp contrast as the head, which was usually bald was snow white, never seeing the sun.

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Cochrane AB Photo courtesy of Internet Archive

Postcards from the Past

Doing some research to answer a recent question from a reader, we came across the Internet Archive site. It has some interesting postcards from the past.

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2022 AGM Larry Want Bernice Klotz

2022 Presidents Message

There is a type of “beauty” in our small town Cochrane museum. It is like sharing family albums. Rather than each family storing memories in attics or barns and losing them to time, they bring their collective history to us. Nothing captures Cochranes small town character, soul and past like our CHM. From purchasing a membership to supporting our local history, to volunteering, discovering your own history through research or waiting and sharing our local history, if you care about or want to learn more about our shared history, you need to become a member today. 

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Calgary lumber came from Kananaskis

At the turn of the century when Calgary was booming, its lumber had to come from somewhere. That somewhere happened to be Kananaskis Country. The logs were put in the Kananaskis River and floated down it to the river’s entry into the Bow where they went on down to Calgary.

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