Phase 2 Historic Signs Installed

CHAPS recently sponsored the installation of 5 more historic signs. Each sign details a bit of the history involved with the site and why it’s important to our local story.

They include the Range Grill, Murray Hardware, Camden House, Shoemaker shop, and Meat Locker plant.

Thanks to all the volunteers and contractors that helped with the construction and installation. These signs help CHAPS fulfill our mission of educating people about the history of our beautiful town.

Everyone's high school favourite, the Range Grill.
Camden House - 120 3 Ave West
Shoemaker Shop - across 119 1 Ave
Locker Plant - across from 316 1st St W
Murray Hardware - across from 118 2 Ave W

My first visit to the Museum after flood repairs.

Today was my first chance to get back into the Cochrane Historical Museum after flood damage this past spring. The exhibits on the first floor were unharmed but the archives, work area and meeting space on the lower floor were significantly damaged.

I am sure impressed. Not only have repairs been done but it looks better and more functional than before. The area is divided into an Archives, meeting space and research space that is more attractive and useful than before.

Meeting area and one research station

The chance of future flooding reaching the Museum has been eliminated by adding a berm.

Berm to reduce flooding

Gravel placed around foundations

Access to the lower floor has been improved by making changes to the original stairs.

Improved access to lower floor

Thanks to all the volunteers, donators and contractors that made this possible. The history of our beautiful town can again be displayed.

2019 President’s Message

The yearly planned activities of CHAPS was suddenly interrupted and altered during the late evening of March 23rd, 2019. The Big Hill Creek overflowed it’s banks resulting in the flooding of our Museum basement.

Thanks to members of the Cochrane Fire Department and CHAPS volunteers, many historical and cultural artifacts, books, photo albums and other objects were saved. We were very fortunate to not of lost our entire basement and contents.

This event shattered our sense of safety. Though heartbroken and devastated, CHAPS members and volunteers rallied together to repair the damages. This publicly  demonstrated how CHAPS members and volunteers are dedicated and devoted to help protect, preserve and maintain the history of Cochrane and the surrounding areas.

As a result, many individuals, non-profit organizations and local businesses made financial donations to help recoup our losses.

Remember “out of tragedy, good things happen”. Human nature cannot live without the news. Through the local news print and social media applications, information about CHAPS has spread very quickly. This raised public awareness and visibility has helped mobilize people to support our identity, goals , values and purpose.

We must keep and improve this “recognition process” moving forward in 2020. We must move ahead with vigor, passion and fixed determination to achieve our goals. We all need to keep going.

It’s important for our volunteers to know what an enormous gift you give by simply helping and caring. Thank you.
Larry Want

Opening day for Cochrane Historical Museum

Our local Museum opens for the summer with Jade Lewis returning for a third season. Jade with her family and friends have created two fabulous short videos that bring our rich history to life. Watch them here on our Youtube channel.

Timothy Collard joins Jade. In his own words

“Tim Collard holds a Bachelor’s degree in History from St. Mary’s University. He will be pursuing his Master’s in History at the University of Calgary in the fall focusing on historiography and the role of narrative in history. Tim moved to Cochrane with his family in 1984 and grew up in the community. His first job was at MacKay’s Ice Cream and he graduated from Cochrane High in 2001. For the past two years, Tim has been a regular busker at the Cochrane Farmer’s Market and can often be found around town playing guitar with his father. Tim is passionate about the stories that shape a community and he is excited for the opportunity to share some of the stories of Cochrane this summer at the Cochrane Historical Museum.’ photo of Jade and Tim

CHAPS Volunteers

Volunteers do not necessarily have the time; they just have the heart.”

~Elizabeth Andrew

Being a CHAPS Volunteer isn't about how long you've lived here. It's about contributing to the community, meeting new people, learning new skills and having fun.

Mark Boothby

Thank you to our volunteers

  1. Lydia Graham                          
  2. Lonnie Basiuk                                       
  3. Mike Taylor
  4. Lynda Alderman                                  
  5. Doris James                                        
  6. Monesa Podmoroff                              
  7. Margaret Hunziker                               
  8. Pauline Murray                                    
  9. Donna & Raymond MacDonald
  10. Vera Elson                                           
  11. George Thompson
  12. Heather Pearce
  13. Arlene & Don Hepburn
  14. Janice & Greg Hawkwood
  15. Barbara Canning
  16. Tony Turner                                          
  17. Frank Hennessey                                 
  18. Bernice Klotz                                        
  19. Donna Morris                                       
  20. Gordon Davies                                     
  21. Rod Wallace                                         
  22. Mark Boothby                                      
  23. Gayle & Larry Want                                 
  24. Shannon & Ed Want
  25. Mary Nicolson Klimek
  26. Dianne Mclennon
  27. June Burgess

Builders. We can’t thank the folks enough that helped to build CHAPS.

  1. Jo Hutchinson
  2. Diane & Larry Mclennon
  3. Ellen Bryant
  4. Ellen Buckler
  5. Margaret Buckley
  6. Gordon Hall
  7. Jean Johnson
  8. Dorothy Shand
  9. Marjorie Spicer
  10. Sonia Turner
  11. Bev Genung
  12. Dorothy Anderson
  13. Ken Thompson
  14. Betty & Ernie Trosch
  15. David Callaway
  16. Shirley & Bob Thomas                                        
  17. Vicki & Turk Deeton                              
  18. Heather & Gary Sutherland    
  19. Dave Beattie                                        
  20. Janette & Dave Whittle                                    
  21. Elizabeth Stone
  22. Mona Sylvestre
  23. Evelyn & Jack Perkins
  24. Jean & Angus MacKenzie
  25. Joyce & Ed Schmidt
  26. Catherine McLay
  27. Festo Gicuhi
  28. Yvonne & Bob Callaway
  29. Jackie Shier
  30. Matthew ? Volunteer that used to lead tours
  31. Shannon Bradley Green
  32. Joan Popowich
  33. Kim Bucker
  34. Melva Blood
  35. Betty & Dennis Goodsall
  36. Katherine Mclean
  37. Kathy Thompson
  38. Anne Richardson
  39. Dorothy & Bill Boothby
  40. Kass Beynon
  41. John Thomson
  42. Cindy Murray
  43. Val & Murray Wilson
  44. Dorothy Andison

“You make a living by what you get. You make a life by what you give.”

~Winston Churchill

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