Pioneer Terms – 2

Many of the terms Alberta Pioneers used now sound unfamiliar. How do you do with these 10 pioneer expressions?

  1. A-fence – any fence using A-frames instead of posts driven into the ground
  2. Aladdin lamp – A large lamp with mantle and a tall glass chimney, giving a clear white light. Kerosene was used for fuel.
  3. Backfire – a fire set as a defence against an oncoming prairie fire by burning the area in front of it.
  4. Bennett buggy – an old auto converted into a horse drawn vehicle during the Depression. So named because R.B. Bennett was Prime Minister of Canada during part of that era.
  5. Broody hen – one that sits on and hatches eggs. Essential to the poultry producer before the days of incubators and hatcheries
  6. Chaps – from the Spanish Chaparajos. A pair of strong leather trousers without a seat, often with the hair left on the outer side. Worn by cowboys for protection and warmth. The belt was laced in front; the lacing would break easily if caught on the saddle horn.
  7. Democrat – a light springed wagon usually pulled by a driving team.
  8. Doubletree – the bar of a vehicle of piece of machinery drawn by a two horse team, with singletrees attached.
  9. Marcel – curling a lady’s hair into waves with a hot iron.
  10. Riding skirt – a divided skirt worn by lady riders before the days of slacks.

Photos and text (page 791) from Big Hill Country.

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