Sid Chester

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Born in London, England, in 1873, Sid Chester came to Vancouver at the age of 16 years. He met and married Tina Campbell while he lived in Vancouver. About 1895 he came to Cochrane and took out a homestead, the NW 14 30-26-4-5, in Grand Valley. After residing there for a few years he purchased land northeast of Cochrane, where he farmed for awhile. This land is now owned by Gordon Callaway. 

Sid and his wife adopted two boys. One boy, Wallace R., passed away in 1913; the other boy lost his life in World War I. 

Sid and his wife moved into Cochrane around 1913, where Sid purchased the Howard Block and set up a store business. The block became known as the Chester Block. There was a dance hall upstairs, where many a good time was had by the young folk of a few years back.

Sid operated a lumber yard in Cochrane for a number of years. He was also in the real estate business. At one time he owned several houses in Cochrane. 

Mrs. Chester passed away in 1953, and Sid passed away in 1960.

Sid’s homestead is now owned by P. and M. Cary.

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