2021’s Favourite Stories Top 5

Here are 2021’s favourite stories as selected by you. 

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Robbers Roost 1934

One day in desperation Pierre decided to go to Delbeke and tell him in no uncertain terms to keep his cattle in his own field. Pierre changed his mind when he got to Delbekes and claims he got even with him because Marie Delbeke, the oldest daughter, is now Pierre’s wife. 

Norman and Shirley Edge Canadian Pro Rodeo Hall of Fame

 With the formation of the Western Heritage Centre, a joint venture of the Historical Association and the Stockmen’s Foundation, Shirley was its first president. The memorable 1990 Cattle Drive to raise funds for this centre was indeed most successful. Both Norman and Shirley were inducted into the Professional Rodeo Hall of Fame in October 2007. 

Dartigue Hall - Mrs. Florence Stearns

Before 1933 dances and parties were held in homes or the one-roomed schools. As the population in the district increased the houses were all too small for parties. Often all the furniture in the houses was set outside on party night, which was fine if it didn’t rain.

Rose and Clarence have taken on many responsibilities in service clubs, the church and sports groups, including actively campaigning for new facilities that have been built for sports and activities new to the area. 

Grahams Pharmacy. Alice and Bob

In those days there was no mixed drinking allowed in Calgary bars so people travelled to Cochrane to the local hotel. Many ladies in distress were left on the streets of Cochrane by their companions.

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