From Russia with Relief – Gordon Davies

Gordon tells the story of one of his adventures with the MacMillans. This story is from the series 100 Stories for 100 Years produced by Barry Thorson back in 2005.

Gordon took many student trips to Europe as well. I know the trip Cam Camden, Greg Hawkwood and I went on was a memorable experience. If you have a story about your trip please comment below.

It was our first trip outside North America. It was a whirl wind of travel, architecture, different food, meeting other groups, bus travel, castles, churches and unsupervised adventures. The photo on our return tells the story.

 I’ll make sure Gordon sees them.

A Question of Why? – Warren Harbeck

Warren Harbeck talks about his long-running newspaper article from when Cochrane was a small town of 13 or 14 thousand. He talks about the spirit of small-town Alberta and has a nice story of Bil Keane (Author of the Family Circus). He mentions other highlights of his column and a world renown astronomer.

Is there a Hot Chocolate with Warren?
Click image to read about Father Lucien Kemble

Children and Art – Ursula Reynolds

Ursula Reynolds talks about teaching in small town Cochrane during the 70’s and a acquiring a special painting of the Cochrane Rodeo.

This video is from our 100 Stories for 100 Years series by Barry Thorson.

Uncle Vincent & the Dynamite Yarns

Don Hutchinson remembers when dynamite was advertised in the Western Producer and was used on the Perrenoud Ranch. He has a handful of “dynamite” stories.

He continues with stories about his Uncle Vincent.

This is Don’s second video recorded in 100 Stories for 100 Years by Barry Thorson.

Our 59th in Hawaii – Dolly and Gordon Callaway

Gordon and Dolly Callaway ran a diary farm north and east of Cochrane. Daughter Rochelle relates in her history in More Big Hill Country that this was Gordon’s home for the majority of his life.

Dolly and Gordon recorded their story of growing up in Alberta when distances were harder to traverse and winter was a more of a struggle. Their story was captured by Barry Thorson in his CHAPS sponsored series, 100 Stories for 100 Years.

I think the title of their video comes from their wish to spend time somewhere tropical after spending so many years in Canada’s winter.

Callaway’s were neighbors when my brothers and I were growing up. I was fascinated by a diary and by the huge tunnels David built in the feed in their huge barn. I also remember Christmas’s filled with conversations, music and games.

Their family history starts on page 350 of More Big Hill Country.

Geography Bee Graduate – Leslie Davies

Leslie Davies talks about growing up in Cochrane, working at Mackay’s, going to school in the old 2 room, later 4 room brick school and a life lesson learned by volunteering.

This video from our 100 Stories for 100 Years series on our YouTube site. Please like and subscribe.

This video is part of the Live Stories Programme – 100 Stories for 100 Years, Produced by Barry Thorson – Lone Wolf Theatre Company


Man of the Times – Andy Marshall

Andy Marshall talks about his involvement with the Cochrane Times.  

From the Livestories Programme: 100 Stories for 100 Years. Produced by Barry Thorson & Lone Wolf Theatre Company. Years ago, CHAPS sponsored the production of videos from Cochrane residents to capture their stories.

CHAPS has created a Youtube channel to present these wonderful stories.


Winters of Discontent – Fred Stenson

Years ago CHAPS sponsored the creation of 100 Stories for 100 Years. Last year we created a YouTube channel that highlights these local stories. The producer of the series is Barry Thorson of Lone Wolf Theatre Company.

This video is the first we’ll highlight on our website blog.

Author Fred Stenson talks about the history of the Cochrane Ranche and his book Lightning.

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