Answers to Jan 19th Pioneer Terms Quiz

Last Friday we ran this quiz.

Do you know what these local pioneer terms mean?

1. Anti-I-over A favorite team game at country schools, which involved catching a ball that was thrown over the schoolhouse.

2. Bee. A co-operative effort by the neighbours to get a job done quickly, such as seeding or harvesting the crop of a settler who was ill, or constructing a barn or community building.

3. Bennett Medal. A medal, later a ten dollar cash prize, given annually to the student having the highest marks in each country school in R.B. Bennett’s constituency

4. Broadcast. To throw seed from the hand for dispersion in sowing. Many settlers seeded their first crops in this manner.

5. Buffalo Chips. Dried buffalo manure used for fuel when firewood was unavailable.

6. Bull Durham. A very fine cigarette tobacco sold in a small red and yellow sack with a draw string. Cowboys usually catied the sack in a shirt pocket.

7. Scrip.  A certificate or coupon given by the government to certain settlers, entitling them to land.

8. CPR Strawberries. Dried prunes

9. Remittance Man. An immigrant, usually from Britain, who received a regular allowance or remittance from home.

10. Rubbering . Listening in on the neighbours’ conversations on a party line telephone.

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