Cochrane Centennial June 17 2003

by Bruce Boothby from the Harbidge Family History

In April of 2003, the descendants of William and Mary Davenport Harbidge acknowledged 100 years since the Allan Passenger Ship. Tunisian, brought 1527 passengers, including William and Mary, and their families to Canada. The family would immediately travel by train to Calgary North West Territories located in the Dominion of Canada. 

On June 17, 2003, Cochrane would celebrate the 100th year of corporate status. As part of their celebration, Centennial Square was created and a bronze statue saluting the pioneer women who established within the community. Bertha Harbidge, wife, of Charles Harbidge arrived with her husband in 1903 and was honoured in the celebration. Nan Boothby, a daughter of Charles and Bertha Harbidge would also be honoured. Nan was a passenger on the Tunisian in April 2003. Many descendants of the family were in attendance. The youngest descendant was a great, great, grandson named Dakoda and himself a grandson of Beryl Harbidge who was grandson of Bertha. 

Mary Harbidge Hupkes, a daughter of Bertha Harbidge, was able to attend in her 81st year and is pictured below with her son Charles.

Mary Harbidge Hupkes and son Charles

Many of the descendants of William and Mary Harbidge attended. At the close of the ceremonies, I was able to locate descendants Shirley Blatchford Rushfeldt and Charles Hupkes and photograph them at the statue with Mary Harbidge Hupkes.

Bruce Boothby is a son of Nan Boothby and grandson of Charles and Bertha Harbidge.

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