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Cochrane Advocate 1911 curated by Gordon Davies

May 18, 1911 

Polo was out of the question last Saturday owing to the rain, but no one felt inclined to grumble considering the benefits the country was deriving from the down pour. 

Rain fell steadily on Friday afternoon last and up to noon on Saturday, and again on Monday and Tuesday this week. The nights are mild and it is altogether ideal growing weather. 

The Cochrane Hotel bar, which has been closed for about two weeks while the house has been thoroughly cleaned from top to bottom and various repairs Inside by order of the Chief License Inspector, was reopened yesterday afternoon. New floors have been put down in the bar, kitchen and dining room, a separate chimney is to be built at once for the kitchen, and the panelling of the house is to be newly varnished. The expense of all this of course falls upon Ed. Ellis, the owner of the building. 

Coronation Festivities 

The meeting at the Orange Hall called for Saturday last, for the purpose of arranging our local celebration of the Coronation of King George V., was duly held, though naturally the number present was small owing to the weather. A. Chapman was voted to the chair and J. Andison undertook the duties of secretary. 

In a general discussion which opened the proceedings Mr. O. A. Critchley called attention to the fact that the Millarville race meeting takes place on Coronation Day, which might affect the success of our plans, whereupon the Rev. Mr. Claxton suggested that the celebration should be postponed to Ist. July, Dominion Day. The idea of a combined commemoration of two distinct events not seeming to meet with approval, Mr. Critchley moved that 22nd June should be adhered to, and this was carried. 

It being generally agreed that it is desirable to impress such an event as the Coronation of a new Sovereign on the minds and memories of the rising generation, the children of the village and district, it was decided to organise something in the shape of sports and picnic for the Young people, and a committee of five was appointed to draw up a programme. The members are Messrs. J. G. Tweed, A. Chapman, E. Andison, S. Peyto and J.E. Laird, the latter of whom was not present to accept his nomination.


Mr. Tweed suggested if that, while Entertainment of the children might be the feature of the day, a concert, supper and dance should be added for the grown up population in the evening. This proposal brought up the question of finance and the appointment of further committees to deal with that and other matters. Considering that the small attendance — about 20 — did not justify going further at the moment, the meeting was adjourned to Friday, 19th inst. (tomorrow), at 7 p.m. It is to be hoped that neither weather nor other adverse circumstances may prevent a large number of well wishes to the project being present. The assistance of out of town sympathizers will be welcome. 

The Sport Committee met on Tuesday evening and Drew up a programme which will be submitted to the meeting to-morrow night. The pupils of neighbouring schools within reasonable distance will be invited to attend the Gala, which will probable take place on the football ground.

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