Its been two years since the Flood

It’s been two years since the Big Hill Springs Creek flooded and caused significant damage to the Cochrane Historical Museum. Here is the story told in pictures.


Flood at twilight
Flood Night West Under Lights
Flood at night Frank Hennessey on Steps
Flood Night Rear
Basement Damage

Recovery Begins

Cochrane Fire Service assisting
Town crew pumping with Frank Hennessey
East side Daylight
Larry Want on Basement Steps
Cochrane Ranche Gate

Repairs Begin

Adding Topsoil West Side
Adding soil southwest side
Adding soil museum rear
Gravel Overlay
Gravel Berm West Side
Downstairs is rebuilt
Water damage up the walls requiring replacement

Where we are today

Downstairs Rebuilt
Stairs after rebuild

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2 thoughts on “Its been two years since the Flood”

  1. Hi Mark,
    I like this story in pictures. Words are hardly needed as the photos tell the story vividly. I’m not sure if you can go back and correct four errors, but I’ll mention them in case they are correctable:
    “Town crew pumping with Larry Hennessey” should be Frank Hennessey.
    “Larry on basement steps” should add Larry Want, so people know his full name.
    “Adding soil west side” should be south side.
    Final photo of Repairs Begins section should be turned 90 degrees to right (walls have pink insulation in them)
    Again, thanks for a good summary despite these picky problems. It seems so long ago now!


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