Motorcycle Hill-Climbing

Did you know Cochrane had Motorcycle Hill-Climbing in the 1930’s. Just like today, people from Calgary liked to visit Cochrane. One of the popular activities was Hill-Climbing. We’re looking for photos on those races.

Thanks to Deeley Exhibition for providing this image. For more on Hill-Climbing visit their site at

Will Pratt supplied these images on our Twitter account. He describes the locations as 8 miles west of Calgary. Obviously, a popular event.

2 thoughts on “Motorcycle Hill-Climbing”

  1. Nice Mark, keep them coming….this piece from Deeley Exhibition, was this actually Cochrane and or area, or it depicts how cycling would have been here?

    • Thanks Arlene, we will. No this photo is an example of the type of bikes used and the fashions. I hope we can get some Cochrane specific photos.

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