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While creating our YouTube channel to store our 100 Stories for 100 Years collection by Barry Thorson I learned of the wide range of renowned Cochrane residents. I hope to flesh out that list in a future post.

While flipping through More Big Hill Country I discovered this poem by Bobby Turner and followed up by readingĀ  their family history

The Eagle and I

As I ride in the storm I am not alone

It seems to me I am just coming home.

Ernie Thompson’s pack-saddle sits on old buck,

Gord Davies hobbles on the neck of Chuck.

Frank Hutchinson said, “don’t leave any rope slack.”

Carl’s brand on the fly that covers one pack.

From my father, Frank Newsome, and many others,

I learned ways of the wilderness: I didn’t have brothers.

From three older sisters I learned much of course,

Because each one of them was good with a horse.

With Wearmouths or Bowhays, some of the bestĀ 

There were many a time our skills were put to the test.

Audley Richards was the first one I’d ever seen

Put a pack on a horse, and since then I have been keen.

To learn from each packer, a new trick or two

And from watching real close I learned quite a few;

Respect for the horse from Dr. Don Moore

Be careful in rivers, Hayward taught me for sure.

With all these teachers I won’t have a fear

To ride in the mountains with a packstring this year.

And somehow packing horse will be much more fun

I can teach a few tricks to some of my sons

The chill of the wind will not bother me

For just like the eagle; I’m wild and free.

If not in the flesh, then in spirit and mind.

And when I must leave this real world behind

With my good wide Sunni right by my side

Together on the wings of the eagle we’ll fly.

So don’t shed a tear for me my good friend

I have rode with the wind: I will ride again.

Bobby Turner - January 1996

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