Presidents Message 2020 Year End

The Covid-19 pandemic has brought new kinds of challenges to the Cochrane Historical Museum, especially if we have to remain shut for any length of time. How best can we evolve to reflect the current situation? How can free flow display rooms be converted into directional paths? What might our role be post-Covid-19? These are critical questions that fall within the remit of our museum’s role in our community. The current crisis has forced the Board of Directors to consider questions that have been emergent in this current situation and we have been responding to them, to help our museum remain firm in front of any storm but also lead to emerge stronger and more resilient. 

These are truly unprecedented times, and thanks to the determination and selfless acts of our volunteers, our Society is more secure and more grounded. Being a volunteer is a demanding task, so thank you for contributing so much of your time, energy, and efforts. You did an excellent job and you are so appreciated. 

The role of our museum in education, communication, research, heritage preservation, and our social responsibility is enormous. Thus, it is the responsibility of all of us to support our Society so that we can face the post-Covid-19 challenges. Last year the world turned upside down may next year turn it back again 

Even as we face unprecedented challenges and fears in the years to come, the show must, and will, go on. I thank you once again and wish you all the very best. 

Thank you, 

Larry Want

Presidents Message for year end July 31, 2020

The recent cataclysmic past year has been a true test of our resilience, and certainly some of the most challenging of our lives and careers. Like so many museums and cultural institutions around the world, we temporarily closed our doors, which lead to concern about our future, but it is also an overwhelming sense of solidarity, knowing that we are all in this together. I believe that our Society and our museum play a crucial role in seeing our community through these tough times.

Our volunteers have jumped into action to bring history into community lives. The Cochrane Historical Museum has launched social media campaigns, drawing on our collections of pictures, stories, and artifacts for moments of nostalgic memories to create interest, engagement, moments of inspiration, hope, and even a touch of humor. 

This campaign is a desire to reveal valuable and entertaining content to our readers, to grow and nourish a relationship and get the word out about our Society. Our virtual tour showroom presents the Cochrane Historical Museum in a new and interactive way providing a new exciting experience for the audience. 

The contributions volunteers’ have made to support our Society have been extraordinary-and I wanted to let you know these efforts are recognized and very much appreciated. The Cochrane Historical 

Museum displays are the result of our volunteers’ incredible examples of their creativity, expression, ingenuity and imagination. 

Coronavirus has forced individuals and our community to revaluate our priorities. If you have the means to do so, consider donating and buying a membership to our museum. Our very survival may depend on it. 

Thank you, 

Larry Want 

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