The Alberta Rose – Doug Richards

pg 6. More Big Hill Country

She’s the pride of Alberta

As everybody knows

Our Provincial emblem

The wild Alberta rose. 

She’s a hardy flower 

She’s scattered everywhere…

Shady thickets or gravel ditches 

You’ll find her growing there. 


It takes a better man than me 

To tell the rose’s story 

Of how she looks and smells

When to bloom in all her glory.


But she’s my favourite flower

I can hardly wait for June

When once again I see 

The roses when they bloom.


The time when they’re in blossom 

Well it really goes so fast 

Why it only seems a fleeting moment 

That their beauty lasts.


But to me it’s worth the wait 

Through the months of winter’s gloom

For those few days in the summer 

When Alberta roses bloom. 

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