Why become or renew CHAPS Membership -2022

Its time for our 2022 CHAPS Membership drive. We’ve changed our fiscal year to match the calendar year so from here on come January your membership needs renewal.

What do I get out of being a member of CHAPS?

First, some background. While I did grow up here, I left when I was 17 and returned just a few years ago. I am semi-retired and needed something meaningful to fill my time. I became a Director of CHAPS and fell into the role of social media co-coordinator. I was involved in the website refresher project and re-print stories from Big Hill Country, More Big Hill Country, Cochrane Advocate and the Gordon and Belle Hall’s A Peep into the Past newsletter.

I’ve learned that the history of Cochrane and area is as rich as any book or movie. We’ve had royalty from many countries, some of the first and largest ranches in the Canadian west, immigrants from all over have made this place their home, we’ve faced pandemics before, storms, fires and floods have swept the area, we’ve had famous criminals and the policemen that kept the peace. We’ve got stories of early hospitals, how the town evolved, cowboys, artists, poets, horse racing, polo and politicians.

I now know why many of our streets, buildings and landmarks are named the way they are. The people that pioneered this area are real to me and I think that’s important.

CHAPS needs you support to continue operation of the Cochrane Historical Museum. While closed during the pandemic, we still have ongoing costs. We are planning to open this summer if safe to do so and will want to employ students as guides.

So please become or renew your membership. Use the button to get directions on how to do so. Oh, and we have a position on the Executive to fill so please help us out.

You can also help us extend our reach by sharing and commenting on any of our social media sites. It really helps to get our message out. We’re on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube as well as our website.

Thanks for your time, I hope to see you soon when we resume our monthly meetings.

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