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I was looking for the next article to re-publish on our blog. I didn’t have to go far. I re-read the acknowledgements of More Big Hill Country.

I was struck by the goals of the organization and the number of people involved. I shouldn’t have been surprised by either as our town was built by people that saw what could be. It also  shows what can be accomplished by community.

So here are the acknowledgements from More Big Hill Country, Cochrane and Area 1945-1980.

In writing this sequel to the Big Hill Country book, we have attempted to record, the future, the continuing advancements and growth that the descendants– of the pioneers in the early 1880’s and those that have come later, carried on their initiatives and built a town and industry to support themselves and the people of Alberta. 

In some cases, the reader may find some repetition to the Big Hill Country stories, but that was done in order to familiarize the relationships going back many years and the generations that have followed. The newcomers who arrived after 1945, also pioneered in their own right, bringing their talents and fortitude to help make a living in this beautiful country a pleasure. 

We would like to acknowledge the Book Committee of CHAPS for their hard work and dedication. Co-Chairs, Marilyn Whittle, Bernice Klotz, Business Manager Gayle Want; Copy Editor, Margaret Buckley; Typist, Lynda Alderman; Proof Readers and Writers, Ellen Buckler, Arlene Hepburn, Shannon Want, Dorothy Anderson, Bev Genung, Dave Whittle, Ken Thompson, Gordon Davies and Ernie Trosch. Our thanks also to Janette Whittle for the cover drawing and to David Callaway, who with his talent in the publishing business, volunteered to get the book “print-ready” for us. Our thanks also to the many phoners and helpers we needed to complete this task. 

Our very sincere appreciation goes to the Cochrane and Area Community Foundation, Cochrane Eagle newspaper, Stockmen’s Memorial Foundation, the Cochrane Advocate newspaper, the Old Timer newspaper, Cochrane Royal Canadian Legion, Town of Cochrane, Bearspaw Historical Society, Cochrane Times newspaper, Calgary Herald newspaper, Glenbow Museum and Archives, Bearspaw Lions, Sure Print Copy and Tremar Computer Solutions. 

We have attempted to get as accurate information as possible and regret any unintentional omissions. Due to the fact that the Big Hill Country book was printed as a limited edition, we would ask you to visit the Nan Boothby Library or the Stockmen’s Memorial Foundation Library to read any of the previous family or area histories and stories. 

We hope that you will enjoy with us the history of the little town by the Bow River that grew and has prospered in the beautiful surrounding farm and ranch country that has, for so many years, been a great supplier of agricultural products for your table and home. 

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