Cochrane’s Olympic Spirit

Calgary hosted the 1988 Winter Olympics from February 13th to 27th. It’s hard to believe it’s been 35 years.

How was Cochrane involved? We’ll we certainly displayed the Olympic Spirit. The Olympic Rings were displayed on Cochrane Hill and visible for kilometers.

Judging by the lack of snow on the hill, there was a valid concern for lack on snow on the venues.

Olympic Rings 1988 Cochrane Hill Google search by Dara-Lee Kirkland-Dallaire

The story behind the Olympic lights was told in a story by Jack Tennant which is now on Cochrane Today. You can read his story which was published in Cochrane This Week by using the link in Deep Dive below.

The International Olympic Committee took a very dim view of using the five rings above our town without their approval.

Sports have always been important in a small town from the early days until today. Even though Cochrane is certainly not small today.

Gordon Davies relates the story of sports in the early 1900’s in this audio.

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